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Machers' stories

Alejandra Sobrino

The best thing about the whole project was how much I could experience and how much I could learn. I could not predict many things which happened then and this was really great!

This project gave me not only a chance of spending a fantastic month in Krakow, but first of all, it showed me how people from various cultures and interact with one another and have many points of view.

Thanks to this experience I had a chance to get to know myself better and develop my social skills.

Maayan Erez

My volunteer work for the JCF was my first EKS project and I believe it will take o lot of time to get to something that can outgrow it. The best and the most important thing about the Festival are its people.

Everybody involved in the project was really fantastic and that is why, I would like to come here again, if only it is possible.

Veres Eszter

I cannot believe that so much time has passed since the end of my adventure with the volunteer service in Krakow.

I miss the talks till the small hours in the morning and I miss the work at the Festival – each day of it was a wonderful adventure in which I learned something new about the world and about myself.

Syed Umer Irfan

This Festival was one of the best things that had ever happened to me! So to select the best experience of this JCF is really difficult, because each thing was perfect, but I think that the closing party at Hevre was the best! DJ Itamar Cohen, the volunteers going crazy and the coordinators ruled that night!….

This was something amazing!

Qafar Rzayev

The most important part of the Festival is the people. Getting to know new persons and making lifetime friendships – this has always been the most important thing for me. Apart from this – as an artist, I managed to gain important information about the Jewish culture, which I can use in future in my own projects.

My favorite part of the program was the Sabbat dinner – it was an amazing experience. I am also really glad that I got to know great artists and curators who will perhaps help me in my own artistic development. I am grateful that I had such an opportunity in my life.

Big thanks to everybody and see you next year!

Fatima Ansari

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for organizing this extraordinary project!

So much involvement and so much effort. I was delighted with the project as every detail was very well thought over! You way of communicating and first of all – an individual approach to each volunteer makes your project really exceptional!

Your contribution into our personal development is incredible! Thank you all – you are the best!

Roni Bodenstain

Even as a Jewish woman living in Israel, I have discovered and learned a lot about the Jewish culture and history. It was also really amazing to see such Krakow!

I met a lot of most fantastic people from all over the world and I had an opportunity to learn a lot from them!

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