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What do the Machers do?

Among many projects that we do together with our volunteers – beyond the festival – there are a few that were proposed and are being implemented by our volunteers, with a little help from the festival office and our sponsors.

The Machers for Senior Citizens

This project was created by our volunteers: they wanted to contribute for senior citizens of our quarter as well as learn from them. In this series of events The Machers and volunteers exchange their experience and develop cross-generational bounds.

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Jewish cemetery in Jędrzejów

As an initiative of Klaudia Kwiecińska, our volunteer, native from Jędrzejów, we cleaned an area of former Jewish cemetery in this city. It was supported by the municipality and mayor of the city helped us during the works.

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Zmaluj to! / Paint it Over!

We launched this project in September 2014. It is financed from the EEA grants, that are distributed by the Stefan Batory Foundation. It aimes to eliminate hate speech from the walls and buildings in Kazimierz and Podgórze. We would like to make more people aware that there is a need to react against anti-Semitic graffiti devastating our cities.

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Family Album

Kazimierz has very special history. Very special are the peopl, who have lived here. We would like to tell the history of Kazimierz from their perspective. By collecting digital versions of the photographs from private collections of former and current inhabitants of Kazimierz, we would like to create a portrait of this fascinating quarter of our city.

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