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For the first time ever, this year we will invite 40 volunteers to Krakow for a month. Do you want to be the part of this adventure? Do you want to meet new people? Or do you want to see how the organization of the Festival looks like from behind the scenes? Here is an offer for you!

Who are we looking for?

  • people aged 18-30 from Poland (except Krakow), Israel, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary
  • fluent English speakers
  • available between June 10th and July 10th, 2021
  • open and ready for action

What do we offer?

  • return flight tickets
  • accommodation for the duration of the project, i.e. between June 10th and July 10th, 2021
  • food
  • pocket money
  • a lot of fun and new experiences
  • integration trips, trainings, study visits, workshops
  • the opportunity of becoming a co-creator of one of the greatest cultural events in Poland and one of the most significant Jewish festivals in the world

How it works?

The recruitment is split in two steps:

1. Your move – fill and send on-line application form (link below) – you can apply till March 28th, 2021.

2. Interview – once we receive your application, we will contact with selected candidates to schedule an interview – Skype call. This is to know you better – learn who you are, what turns you on, what are your expectations and to talk about the volunteers duties in details. The interview will take about 45 minutes.


We will let you know about the results of recruitment process on April 19th, 2021.

Are you interested? See below for more details.



“The Machers – Intercultural Volunteer Service” Project is a result of the combination of the experience and the competencies of the Nausika Education Foundation, specializing in the informal intercultural education, and of the Jewish Culture Festival, which, for more than 20 years, has been collaborating with volunteers, who form a part of its activity.

The Project will engage 40 persons, aged 18-30, from various European and partnership countries: Italy, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Hungary, and who, for 4 weeks (10.06.2021-10.07.2021) will create the community of the volunteers of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Within their volunteering activity, they will form one of the largest cultural undertakings in Poland, with respect to assisting artists, logistic support in the Festival office, assistance at the production and execution of the Festival events: workshops, meetings, lectures, visits, music events religious ceremonies, assistance in the distribution of the information materials and co-operation with the Festival audience.

As the participants of the European Solidarity Corps, we will also have the opportunity to gain real skills in organization, production and promotion of a world-scale event, such as the Festival, which annually gathers more than 40 000 recipients.

A very important element in a team of volunteers is the subject of cultural diversity, pluralism of opinions, the value of cultures and traditions of specific communities. We want these values to resound not only during the Festival, but also during the organization and realization of the entire Project.

Our actions are addressed not only to the foreigners, but also to young residents of Krakow, also those who came from other countries to study or work here.

Thus, in the preliminary preparations to the Festival organized for the volunteers we would like to consider a crucial and often difficult topic – such as training intercultural competencies or difficulties in the adaptation to a new community etc.

The Jewish Culture Festival, like no other event, seems to provide a safe environment to promote the attitudes of solidarity, collaboration and mutual support, which by all means, is reflected in the co-operation of the volunteers coming from diverse cultures with various social backgrounds or educational statuses.

The main objective of our Project is to strengthen the potential of future volunteers through the collaboration with them in every possible field – we want to make the Festival and the preliminary program to help the volunteers to improve their skills and competencies regarding personal, educational, social, civic, cultural and professional development, as well as to contribute to the creation of civil society. Our aim is to help create a new network of contacts between the volunteers, and first and foremost – thanks to learning through action – to implement new methods of organization of cultural events and to raise among these people, the initiative to start up their own projects and actions for local communities. We want to show you that your voice can be heard, that your rights matter and, that, irrespectively of your own experience, you can achieve the desired objective.

This project is coordinated by Edyta Gawlak, festival’s volunteer manager: Michał Dziewit, Łukasz Drużkowski, Maria Kistowska, Paulina Kowalska, Monika Krawczyk, Grzegorz Mikunda, Aleksandra Trakul and Małgorzata Wolska.


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