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From generation to generation - The Machers for the seniors.

Whoever visited Cheder even once, knows that this is an open place. It is easy to see here that the difference between people, do not divide the, but rather connect them. The JCF volunteers – the Machers – at the end of 2015, created the Workshops for Seniors. The Project was born out of the need to materialize the idea of intergenerational dialogue, the desire to support the process of integration of the local community and to enrich the cultural offer addressed to senior community members.

We believe that the more years are between us, the more we can learn from one another.

Workshops for Seniors is a series of free-admission events, dedicated to the seniors of Krakow.

Within these series, we meet twice per month to spend time together and learn new skills. The program is very diversified. So far we have organized, among others, a series of thematic walks in Kazimierz, cooking, dance, theatre, florist and literary workshops.

Since 2017 the classes of the Workshops for Seniors have become a part of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Currently, the Workshops involve online meetings and events – the podcast of the Workshops for Seniors started with the December Prolog 30th JCF.

In the preparation of the events, we select the subject proposed by the seniors themselves.

The admission is free. If you would like to take part in the classes within the Workshops for Seniors, please contact us at the e-mail: or at the telephone number: 12 431 15 17.

The project is completed executed thanks to the gratuitous work of the JCF volunteers.

Team leaders: Edyta Gawlak, Łukasz Drużkowski, Michał Dziewit

Project team: Jan Dybek, Celina Fronc, Adam Gajda, Anastasia Grinman, Urszula Kaleta, Kacper Krochmal, Agnieszka Królikowska, Olga Mytnik, Pola Pawlikowska, Maria Rozkwitalska, Angelika Polikowska, Olga Wojas


Thank you very much for the chance to participate in the Workshops and creating my own flower arrangements and for the photo with my “mini-garden” – Magda

I would like to thank everyone who prepared these workshops and the previous ones – this is really a great thing for seniors and not only. I send greetings – to the power of the prime! – Magda

Thank you very much for the fantastic evening. A good tincture always improves health. A doctor said that one should drink tincture every day – 0.25 ml per day (for a woman). I verified the diagnosis with another doctor and he confirmed. Now I will have my own! – Janina

Thank you very much for the meeting yesterday. Fantastic moderators introducing the composer in a unique way; nice and friendly ladies, and also wine, coffee and something sweet…… – Janina

Thank you very much. I was really moved by the friendly and joyful atmosphere which you have created and by your thoughtful care – Dorota

I took part in the contest in the knowledge of the JCF and I won a ticket for a concert of my choice which I was really happy with. The questions were very well prepared and one could learn a lot more. I also participated in the Jewish dance classes and I really enjoyed them, because everything was easy and pleasant. The instructor lady explained and showed everything perfectly – Krystyna

The classes in the Workshops for seniors are very original – each time there is something different. The atmosphere is really friendly. The volunteers have impeccable manners; they assist, educate and do not force us to do anything. Thank you very much for the time spent together and wish you every success – Anna

We spent a great year in the Workshops for Seniors. I would like the classes to be organized more often. They are extremely interesting. Each time I get a message about the classes, I am eager to get a confirmation that I can participate. Extraordinary atmosphere, a lot of interesting information – we learn a lot. We make friends with fantastic people. Everybody is friendly. The atmosphere is so nice that everybody smiles immediately – and this is what it is all about. I like Kazimierz more and more – Barbara and Bogusław

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