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Jewish Culture Festival received Quality Label of the European Solidarity Corps

Within the program of the European Solidarity Corps, young Europeans, between 18 and 30 years of age, may start to gain experience, participating in the volunteer projects, both in Europe, and in partner states.

The program allows you to work as a volunteer in another country for a period ranging between two months and one year. Although volunteers are not paid for their work, within European Solidarity Corps, they receive reimbursement of the costs incurred, their accommodation, meals and health insurance as well as some pocket money.

Our Society hosted foreign volunteers in 2017 – within the EVS project. In collaboration with the STRIM – the Association for Youth Development and Integration, we hosted 7 volunteers from Italy, Spain and Ukraine. In 2020, during the 30th Jewish Culture Festival, together with “Nausika” Educational Foundation, we hosted 40 volunteers from 15 countries of the world for a whole month.

These two projects motivated us even more to increase our involvement in European projects and convinced us that we have chosen the right path. Today we can say that European volunteerism stayed within the sphere of our activity for good.

Thanks to the receipt of the Quality Label of a Leading Organization of the European Solidarity Corps, by 2027, we plan even more new undertakings!

We are not only an organization hosting volunteers, but we can also send volunteers to other countries of the world. We can build strategic partnerships with other organizations within Erasmus+ project.

Let’s see how does it look like in practice.

I am interested in becoming a volunteer at the JCF

We are very happy that you want to join our community of Machers. A wide range of possibilities opens up for you! Each year we invite 30-40 volunteers from Europe and partnership countries to take part in the Festival with a group volunteer service – they arrive to Krakow at the turn of June and July to co-create another edition of the Jewish Culture Festival. The recruitment of volunteers begins usually in February each year – here you can read more about the application this year.

I am interested in a volunteer service abroad.

The participation in a volunteer project within the ESC is, by all means, an unforgettable adventure and an opportunity of personal development, which might turn out useful on the labor market and it may give you a lot of satisfaction. If you are ready to go abroad for a period ranging between 2 and 12 months, please contact us. We see to all the formal issues and also provide advice and support you. To start collaboration with is, you need to register in the database of the European Solidarity Corps. There you can choose the project and we will prepare you for the journey of your lifetime!

My organization is looking for a strategic partner

Within the Eramus + project we will create strategic partnerships with other organizations, including those which do not have ESC certificates. Our more than 20-years’experience in work with volunteers and the volunteer projects which we have carried out so far convince us that this is good time to create new projects of good practices exchange. The areas of special interests for is comprise: cultural heritage, cultural diversity, the process of inclusion of volunteers with fewer opportunities, mental health and well-being, but we are also open to other proposals

Are you interested? Or maybe you have some questions?

Please feel free to contact Edyta who is a manager of our program for volunteers – The Machers:

'The Machers' project receives funding from the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps

photos: Karolina Moskała

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