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A volunteer of the Jewish Culture Festival is a ‘gancer macher’, a VIP among volunteers!

A Macher in yiddish means someone who is really important and gets things done. Someone who is very active and dynamic, capable to do anything.

Macher as a festival volunteer, helps us with the Jewish Culture Festival in the summer, but throughout the year the Machers support our activities in Cheder, where they also can implement their own projects – with our support. Being a Macher means also learning, developing skills and meeting a lot of new and inspiring people.

Volunteers during the Jewish Culture Festival

Want to have the adventure of your life? Meet fascinating people? Feel like a co-author of the greatest Jewish Culture Festival ever and one of the most significant cultural events in Poland? Join our volunteers – become a Macher!

  • You will become a co-author of one of the greatest cultural events in the country and one of the most significant Jewish culture festivals in the world;
  • You will work on a dynamic and friendly team;
  • You will have the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in all festival events beyond your working time;
  • You will receive two free tickets and two tickets at a special promotional price, accessible only to volunteers, for certain evening festival concerts in the Tempel synagogue for your family or friends;
  • You can feel fully safe – we guarantee insurance for the duration of the Festival;
  • You can undergo student’s training and receive references from us,
  • We invite you to participate in trips, workshops, lectures, meetings and parties, which are organized year-round and will allow you to integrate with other volunteers while broadening your knowledge about Jewish culture.

What would be your tasks during the festival?

  • Working in the Festival office
  • Management of the Festival events: workshops, meetings, lectures, sightseeing, music events, religious ceremonies
  • Helping with promotion and distribution of information materials
  • Artists’ assistance
  • Assisting the Festival public

Volunteering all year round

What do The Machers do during 355 days, when there is no festival?

  • We also invite you to cooperate with us during the entire year at events at the official Festival club – Cheder Café (concerts, lectures, workshops)
  • You can also implement your own project with us to enrich our program offer for local audience, for inhabitans of Kazimierz, for other volunteers
  • You can run Cheder library: cataloguing book collection, searching for new books
  • You can help in preparations to the upcoming edition of the festival

The voluntary program also includes workshops, trips, lectures, parties, trainings… organized only for the Machers! All year-round!


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