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Prolog 30th Jewish Culture Festival: The Fire

Anniversary 30th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival will be celebrated in the summer of 2021. As we told you before, it will be dedicated to the second of four elements: the fire.

But we did not not want to keep you waiting so long and that’s the reason we invited you to the Prolog 30th JCF, that started in late June and lasted until Hanukkah! Before we will set the fires of the anniversary edition, we wanted to celebrate with you a light, because – as Janusz Makuch, founder and director of the festival says:

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow has absorbed but in the same time – emanated with the living light of the Jewish culture for past 32 years. This is the Eternal Light – Ner Tamid. 

During the act of creation, HaShem divided the light from the darkness. We would also like to separate those dark times behind us and take you towards the light in front of us.

The Light will be a guiding element of the Prologue 30th JCF. It will be growing more and more during the upcoming 6 months and during the Hanukkah holidays it will cover entire Krakow with its full power. 

First events of the Prologue will take place in internet – you will participate in concerts, workshops, lectures in the only form possible in this new reality. But still – they will be full of festival spirit and energy, so you can really feel like being in Kazimierz with us! In the same time we truly hope that during Hanukkah we will be able to meet with all of you here in Kazimierz in your favourite festival venues, as well as in many new locations, where you will meet your old and new favorite festival artists.

What exactly can you expect during the Prologue t the 30th JCF?

As tradition says, we will start our Prologue with the Opening Concert. If you have ever dreamt about seeing many festival artists from its entire over 30-years long history during one concert – here we go! Frank London, David Krakauer, Shai Tsabari, Lola Marsh, Piyut Ensemble, Gili Yalo, Ori Alboher and Shofar – to name only a few of our guests at this inauguration of the Prologue.

Afterwards, as usually during the festival, you will experience diversity of Jewish culture with numerous performances by Bastarda (PL), Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre (PL) with David Krakauer (US), Frank London’s Brass Band (US), Jacaszek (PL) and Vox Varshe (PL), Bester Quartet (PL) with the world premiere performance of their interpretation of Bajgelsman’s music, as well as new face of MLDVA project, that was created few years ago especially for the festival.

Of course, there will be also DJ-parties! Opening party with Israeli Beatfoot and cult Teder Weekender, that will host in our festival Cheder cafe, but thanks to the streaming it can also make your house party the best ever!

But our festival is much beyond the music. We prepared also many lectures, including those by Rabbi Boaz Pash (IL), Edwin Seroussi (IL), Yossi Klein-Halevi (IL), Wojciech Pszoniak (PL), Matti Friedman (IL) and of course Janusz Makuch, who is a founder and director of the festival. We also have musical workshops with Jeff Warschauer (US),  architecture workshops for children with Anna Gieracka (PL), as well as literary meetings, organized in cooperation with Krakow Festival Office and some poetry readings.

Guided tours, art events and ceremonies will make our program complete. Our volunteers – The Machers will also prepare a series of events for senior citizens of Krakow.


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