O_kaz. New literature about Kazimierz.

Portraits of various cities’ quarters and cities themselves as presented in various books, are not only a documentary record of history of those particular places. First of all, they create a climate, they enable you to understand the space better but they also give a chance to create familiar space a new: no to follow bitten tracks, but to find new ways, even to get lost in the place you know and find yourself discovering places you did not know they ever existed.


What contemporary literature, written in 21st century, could tell us about Kazimierz? Is this an interesting topic at all? Is this a main character or rather a supporting actor? Or maybe just a set for the action? Our current project O_KAZ attempts to answer these questions.


We invited three young and recognized authors: Weronika Murek, Łukasza Orbitowski and Dominika Słowik to give a thought to our questions and to treat them as a beginning of something new.


Jewish Culture Festival and Cheder were created in Kazimierz – Krakow’s Jewish quarter – and treat this quarter as an endless source of inspiration. We are not just a feast – we are creating and stimulating a process of changing perception of Jewish culture and changing Kazimierz.   We are interested in creative work in Kazimierz and for Kazimierz, especially that nowadays it seems to be a bit lost in its identity and becomes more and more un-friendly for its inhabitants.

O_KAZ is our new literary project. We commissioned three novels about Kazimierz that will be published and distributed in our quarter.

Novels will be available for free in Cheder and in other venues in Kazimierz according to following schedule: novel by Łukasz Orbitowski – from October 10th, novel by Dominika Słowik – from October 24th and by Weronika Murek – from November 7th.


On November 17th we invite to a meeting with all three authors in our Cheder.

About the authors

Weronika Murek

Born in 1989 in Bytom, author of three theater pieces awarded among others for the best debut. Her first novel „Uprawa roślin południowych metodą Miczurina” (How To Look After Southern Plants According to Miczurin) was nominated to one of the most prestigious awards for young artists – The Passport, as well as to the most important literary award – Nike Award. She received Witold Gombrowicz Award for the best debut.

Dominika Słowik

Born in Jaworzno in 1988, has lived in Krakow since 2007. Her debut novel “Atlas: Doppelganger” was published in 2015 and was nominated to Gdynia Literary Award. She was awarded with special stipend by the city of Krakow and Prague. Now she is working on her second book.

Łukasz Orbitowski

Author of six books, was awarded in 2016 with PASSPORT award for most talented and promising young authors. He was nominated to the Nike Award twice. He has his own show in Culture TV.

Sponsors and patrons

This project is financially supported by the City of Krakow. 


Miejska Platforma Internetowa “Magiczny Kraków”

Miejski portal dla organizacji pozarządowych



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O_KAZ: Literature about Kazimierz - a series

  • No 1: Łukasz Orbitowski, Kobra przegrywa w butelkę
  • No 2: Dominika Słowik, Sanatorium
  • No 3: Weronika Murek, Każdemu po razie
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