Our festival does not only present Jewish music from abroad to our festival audiences, but also promotes Jewish music created nowadays in Poland by young independent artists. We did it in a series of concerts under the name MuLaKuŻ, which stand for Musical Laboratory of Jewish Culture in Polish. This is also a name of first CD published by the festival.

We are proud of our first CD, that presents music recorded during concerts that were held in festival Cheder Cafe between 2009 and 2011.

This is a compilation of Jewish music created nowadays in Poland, by young independent artists. The ancient Jewish tradition is now told with the musical language of contemporary avant-garde of Polish musicians and filtered through their sensitivity. Very personal, modern and not stereotypical approach to the Jewish heritage has become their distinctive sign.

The CD consists of music played by following Polish bands and musicians: Daktari, Cukunft, Drom, Sztetl Quartet, Wojtek Mazolewski Bund Band, Gaamera, Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Quartet, Plazmatikon, Maćko Korba.

The CD was published in order to promote music, it was not sold but distributed for free. This is why the first, as well as the second edition of the CD are now out of stock and the CD is no longer available, but you can still enjoy it on festival Bandcamp.

MuLaKuŻ @ Bandcamp

MuLaKuŻ: New Jewish Music out of Poland - track list

1. Pollux – Daktari
2. 127 – Cukunft
3. Douce ambiance – Drom
4. Paul Brody’s Kielce – Sztetl Quartet
5. Improvization – Wojtek Mazolewski Bund Band
6. Wild West – Gaamera
7. Zikaron lefanaj – Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Quartet
8. Squirt – Plazmatikon
9. Improvization – Maćko Korba

mulakuż okładka

CD was published by the Jewish Culture Festival Society in Krakow. Concept and supervision over the entire MuLaKuŻ project: Kornelia Binicewicz; mastering: Sebastian Caputa; design: Tomasz Jurecki.

Partners and sponsors of the CD: Małopolska Region, New Jewish Music Festival in Warsaw, Jewish Community in Krakow. Thank you!


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