Annual March of Remembrance is a sign of memory about the centuries long Jewish history of our city: about people who created it, about the world that finished to exist in the flames of the Holocaust. The March is a tribute to one quarter of pre-war Krakow's population, that was sentenced to death only because they were Jewish. In the context of the rebirth of Jewish life in Krakow, the March has gained additional meaning: it shows the continuity of the Jewish life in our city and like nothing else shows the victory of life over death.

First Marches of Remembrance, in 1980s, had a very unofficial and private character. They were more walks along the sites related to the Holocaust in former Krakow’s ghetto. It was an innitiative of Cracovians related to the Jewish Community in Krakow, founders of the Jewish Culture Festival, as well as members of the Righteous Among the Nations Society.

The number of participants in the March stadily grew from year to year. From 1990s it has been organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Krakow and has become the city’s main event to commemorate its Jews killed by the Nazis.

Now, each edition of the March brings to a site of the former ghetto few hundred people: mostly Cracovians, but also growing number of foreign visitors, including members of the Krakow Society in Tel Aviv.

Each March strats with the official ceremony at the Ghetto Heroes’ Square, which used to be Umschlagplazt during the ghetto times. From the square we all March in the silent march to the memorial on a site of the former KL Płaszów, where the ecumenical ceremony is being held.

We walk exactly along the way, that for thousands of Krakow Jews was a way to death.

March is held under the patronages of the Mayor of Krakow, President of the Jewish Community in Krakow and Director of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow.

March of Remembrance 2018 (March 11th, 2018)

photo: Katarzyna Szulc-Kłembukowska

March of Remembrance in 2017

photo: Bartosz Dittmar


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