Beyond helping us with the festival, our volunteers have a chance to realize their own projects - for benefits of our neighborhood and local population. Festival's Cheder Cafe is a venue for the events touching problems and issues that are important for Kazimierz and its people. The Machers present!

This project was launched in autumn of 2014 and is cofinanced from the Fund for Civic Initiatives FIO. Thanks to this grant our volunteers have a chance to share what is important for them and to undertake actions that would positively affect Kazimierz and its inhabitants.

Our Machers made a catalogue of the books in the Cheder Cafe and made the entore book collections available for our guests. They also run a project under the name ‘Kitchen Stories’, that aimed to collect recipes of Polish and Jewish cuisine from old and new generations of people living in Kazimierz, in order to show how these two cultures, distinctive for Kazimierz have intertwined.

The Machers also collected the books from various publishing houses that on one hand enriched the book collection of the Cheder  but also were available in the public reading room that was one of the elements of the Festival Quarter, biult especially for the 25th anniversary edition of the festival.

From December 2014 the Machers also organize their own meetings, presentations and workshops in the Cheder Cafe, that show their interests and passions.

By taking part in this project, our volunteers show that they absolutely deserve to be called The Machers - there is no things they could not do. Keep on doing, The Machers!

This project is co-financed from the grant from the Fund for Civic Initiatives FIO.


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