Kumzits | Artworks

Nashkevellin - Andi Arnovitz & Cornelia Renz

Cooperation: Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim, Iwona Demko, Angela Hampel, Malwina Niespodziewana, Joanna Pawlik, Tanja Seltzer, Nomi Tannhauser

We share our experiences, frustrations and hopes during the pandemic in the streets of Kazimierz. Our posters hold a piece of our lives in Jerusalem, Krakow and Berlin – as women, mothers and daughters but also as artists. Do you know how Covid has made a bad situation even worse?

Tent of Assembly - Dan Farberoff & David Behar Perahia

Cooperation: Oskar Krasoń, Adam Zduńczyk

The deluge is here. We are on the move from home into an uncertain future, improvising our makeshift shelter. When the waters are rising, the nomad’s raft serves as their cultural ark – a place of belonging. Come, join our journey and sit with us for a while, before we have to move on.

Phone Home - Ilona Marti

Cooperation: Izabela Gruchała, Kirill Aleksandrov, Jenet Chilgezkuliyeva, Weronika Kozłowska, Agnieszka Marecka, Ieva Matkevičiūtė, Martin Perring, Adam Zduńczyk

Seven nomads from Krakow shared their personal stories with me. I am kind of a nomad myself. To hear these talented storytellers speak honestly about their relationship to home was and still is inspiring. You can listen to them too, just give them a call.

Hanging by a thread - Maya Muchawsky Parnas

My great grandfather was a candle manufacturer in Poland before the war. In my temporary wax dipping workshop here, in Krakow, I am going back in time, trying to revive a daily life long gone. Bring two objects that represent two points on your personal timeline (objects that you don’t mind letting go of) and join me in reconstructing an imagined memory

The Artist is Absent - Noa Arad Yairi

Cooperation: Kinga Ratajczak, Tomasz Domitrz

In 2018 I visited Krakow to participate in the Jewish Culture Festival. This year, I won’t be there in person. My absence is physically present. My self-portrait has been spread around Kazimierz, unprotected, and waiting to find a home. If you see me, will you invite me in?

Sit with me. Your own Krakow. Souvenirs 4 free! - Pablo Cabrera Ferralis

I have never been to Krakow, I am a tourist here. Come, sit with me, and show me your favorite spot in the city, the place that means the most to you. Let’s create a souvenir together, a moment of remembrance. In return, I will send it to you in the post… for free!  

64.000 Stones - R. Stein Wexler

The echo of Jewish life and past trauma is present everywhere in Krakow, as is the spectacle of commodification. Tourists are offered souvenirs, I offer you stones. Laying small stones on top of graves is a common Jewish tradition. As you walk through this city, lay them to rest

HaMapah - Yael Serlin

Cooperation: Anna Cervantes

Come and join me around the table. I collected symbols from gravestones around Poland. Choose one that speaks to you, and embroider it as freely as you wish. Together we reconnect the hidden layers of stories, people, beliefs and traditions gathered into one symbol, like frozen images to be revived

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