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Editions of the festival

First JCF was organized in 1988. In the first years the festival was held every second year and only since 1992 it has been held annually.

Each festival edition was different, the festival has evolved i have been changing to be all the time up to date with the current trends in the Jewish culture. But the festival as a phenomenon is not a collection of consecutive editions. It shall be perceived as one long lasting educational and cultural process, and the annual editions are the steps leading to accomplishing our mission.

Below you will find information about festival editions.

28th Jewish Culture Festival: Zion

The festival celebrated 70th anniversary of the State of Israel as well as 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. It was held exactly 30 years from the first edition of the festival.

Summary of the 28th JCF
Report from the 28th JCF (pdf file)
Concerts of the 28th JCF – video
Lectures of the 28th JCF – audio
more about 28th JCF

27th Jewish Culture Festival

This edition, held 50 years after reunification of Jerusalem, was entirely dedicated to Jerusalem.

Summary of the 27th JCF
Detailed report (pdf file)
Live recordings of 27th JCF concerts
Recordings of lectures
complete information about 27th JCF



26th Jewish Culture Festival

Diaspora and Shabbat were the main themes of the festival. Diaspora as a commentary to the current situation with refugees and Shabbat as the main Jewish holiday that is a key element of Jewish identity.

summary of the 26th edition
concerts of the 26th festival – full recordings
concerts of the 26th festival – video clips
26th festival – complete information


25th Jewish Culture Festival
This anniversary edition of the festival was dedicated to the Quarter: to Kazimierz, a Jewish quarter of Krakow as well as other Jewish quarters.

Summary of the 25th festival

Concerts of the 25th festival – full version

Concerts of the 25th festival – video clips


24th Jewish Culture Festival
This edition’s headlines were: Ashkenaz, Mizrah, Dibbuk and Kibbutz.

Report – 24th festival

Concerts of the 24th festival – video clips


23rd Jewish Culture Festival
This edition of the festival introduced our new visual identification designed by Studio Otwarte. Also the program was presented in a new way, divided into 5 categories: Classic, Off, Idee, Art and Kids.

Report – 23rd festival

Concerts of the 23rd festival – full recordings

Concerts of the 23rd festival – video clips

If you are interested in getting reports and other materials from earlier editions of the festival – please contact the festival office. 

Video recordings of the festival concerts

In 2009 we started live internet streaming of festival concerts from the Tempel Synagogue. All concerts are also recorded and available on-line on the website of our partner AJCTV. You can enjoy and experience your favourite concerts again and again!


On the festival’s YouTube channel and Vimeo, you can find video clips from various festival concerts, that took place in the Tempel Synagogue but also from the ‘Shalom on Szeroka Street’ concert.

FKŻ @ YouTube

FKŻ @ Vimeo

More video materials (in Polish) from the festival, including Polish Television programs, are available on the website of  our partner – National Institute for Audiovisual Arts.


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