Cleaning the area of former Jewish cemetery in Jędrzejów

Jewish cemetery in Jędrzejów has been closed for burials for decades already. During the WWII, and afterwards, tombstones were used for some construction works in the city. The area of the cemetery was desacrated and devastated, some remaining matzevot fell down and were covered by debris, grass.

It was an idea of Klaudia Kwiecińska, JCF volunteer who was born and raised in Jędrzejów, to clean up the cemetery,. The action is a part of her academic research on cemetery history and indexing remaining matzevot.

The project was greatly supported by the local authorities: municipal services cut lawns over the whole area, while the mayor of Jędrzejów – Marcin Piszczek – accompanied The Machers with their work in person.

We managed to rake grass, uncover the tombstones, clean it of moss and dirt. We also set a new information board that makes all visitors aware of the place.

Uncovered and cleaned pieces of tombstones are the only visible sign of the Jewish past of the town.

Before the action, volunteers took part in the workshops on Jewish material heritage maintenance when they learned about the specific regulations related to Jewish cemeteries. All the works were conducted in pursuance of Jewish law and tradition.

The project is co-funded by the National Heritage Board of Poland within the programme Volunteers for the Heritage.


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