Jerusalem Boulevard was created especially for the 27th Jewish Culture Festival. This space provided possibility to encounter with other people, with other cultures and to chill out after busy festival day.

Jerusalem Boulevard was a part of the project Jerusalem – Berlin – Kraków, supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. 

It was a place, where for 9 days you could experience multiculturalism right on the bank of Vistula river. It was designed to accommodate various needs and expectations: from a playground for children, to reading room, to culinary section, to DJ parties every afternoon.

During Jewish design workshops with MiPolin, we also created a special wall that resembled walls with posters that one could see in Jerusalem.

photo: Bartosz Dittmar, Szymon Makuch, Michał Ramus

Jerusalem Boulevard was designed by BudCud company from Krakow. They already designed a Festival Quarter for the 25th edition of the festival in 2015, that won numerous awards in Poland and abroad.

tekst od Bud Cud

tekst od bud cud

Events @ Jerusalem Boulevard

DJ-sets / everyday: Kaj’t (PL), David Pearl (IL), Me//eye//Bo (PL), Mazubar (PL), Rzepa (PL), Kixnare (PL), Dabiel Drumz (PL), Huges (PL), Jakub Jacher (PL), Walter (IL), Galo (IL), Gilli Tha Kid (IL), Kfjatek (PL), Superficial (IL), Good Paul (IL), Meff (PL), Bartech (PL), Katzele (DE), JM Moser (DE), Piotr Burczyn (PL)

DJ Party – Teder Weekender: Krakow Meets Tel Aviv: bvrly soundsystem (IL): Michael Dagon & Tal Silberstein; JM Moser (DE), Anna Haleta (IL), Alek Lee (IL), Malka Tuti: Katzele (DE), Naduve (IL)

Jerusalem Posters: Jewish design workshops with MiPolin (Helena Czernek, Aleksander Prugar); participants designed their own posters inspired by Jerusalem. The posters were afterward displayed on a special wall on Boulevard

Beyond that above: reading room, playground for children

Jerusalem Boulevard was supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and in cooperation with Barka club.



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