A quarter is a microcosm – a reflection of the world transferred to smaller, limited space. You live, study, play and rest in a quarter.

At the back of the Old Synagogue there has always been an empty, green area. Before the war children used to play football and tag there, there they spent their free time. Religious Jews hurrying to the synagogue passed that way as did ladies from assimilated Jewish homes on their way back from the shopping. So far this area has been quietly waiting to be revived.

During the festival it’ll become the Festival Quarter – the centre of the world, where all the inhabitants of Kazimierz and the participants of the festival will be able to spend creative time. The museum at the Old Synagogue is the best neighbourhood, and the wall of the synagogue provides excellent support.

video by  Haim Yafim Barbalat (IL), music: Garden City Movement (IL)

During the festival, the Quarter was full of life - it was a playground for kids, space to spend quality time with friends but also a venue for numerous festival events. Three pavillions housed Reading Room, Cheder cafe and Gelada Studio. Every day during the festival one could participate in various events or simply spend time over a cup of coffee, chatting with friends, playing ping-popng or matkot, if you wish.

Gelada (IL)
Gelada is a unique location on the map of Tel Aviv. In the newly rediscovered district of Noga, not far from the port of Jaffa, there’s a small studio which is a design gallery, a shop with signature T-shirts, a graphics studio and a meeting point for creative Israelis. Young artists from Gelada create their own designs of T-shirts, screen-printed posters which pretend to be souvenirs from different places in the world. Gelada Studio is moving to Kazimierz, to the Festival Quarter; they’re coming with their artistic project Gola Tours (Diaspora Revisited), made especially for the 25th Jewish Culture Festival. Gola Tours is a journey through various Jewish quarters, expressed in graphics on T-shirts, bags and backpacks. Every day, in addition to the gallery and the shop, Festival Printscreen Workshop will be held.

Festival Reading Room
A reading room out in the open air! In the Festival Quarter you can simply read cool books, sitting comfortably on the grass or in a deck chair, sipping coffee or lemonade, with a choice of hundreds of books and magazines. We have selected books which can teach and talk about multiculturalism, common Polish-Jewish history, locality and communalism. You’ll find scientific books, albums, magazines, reports, and carefully selected fiction. In a specially prepared reading room, children will be able to play, discovering the world through children’s literature. Throughout the opening hours of the Reading Room, you’ll get a chance to enjoy literary events – meetings with authors, workshops and presentations.

On an everyday basis Cheder Café is to be found at the corner of ul. Józefa and ul. Jakuba and it’s the Jewish Culture Festival club open all year. This year, in addition to our usual location at ul. Józefa 36, Cheder is changing into an outdoor café in the Festival Quarter and will serve delicious coffee brewed in finjan, Moroccan tea, lemonade and Turkish baklava.

Detailed program of events that took place in the Festival Quarter could be found at the bottom of this page. 

Sponsors of the Festival Quarter

Festival Quarter was built with the financial support from the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation.


castorama_logo kbf unesco joint

Historical Museum of the City of Krakow was a partner of the Festival Quarter.


Festival Quarter: design, concept, supervision


Program of evenst at the Festival Quarter

Program for the Festival Quarter was very carefully prepared to win interest of various groups of visitors, both children and adults. Literary events were a core of the program, but there were also musical events (concerts and DJ-parties), printscreen workshops, hip-hop workshops, presentations of various festival’s social projects as well as sport activities.

Festival Quarter – program of events

Literary program for the Festival Quarter was prepared in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office as a part of the project Krakow UNESCO City of Literature.

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