Classics at Noon - concert series at Cheder

Chamber music concerts in cafes and restaurants were a natural element of pre-war social life in Krakow (and not only). Unfortunately, war and post-war communist era broke that tradition and classical music has been played predominantly in concert halls, philharmonic halls and other venues. 

Classics at Noon is a series of free Sunday concerts held in festival cafe – Cheder. We want to continue that forgotten, prewar tradition and use it as a platform for integration of local societies; to make the culture closer ad accessible for everyone. This concert series is also a chance for young musicians to present themselves as soloists or chamber musicians, and not only as members of orchestras and big-scale musical projects.

photos: Bartosz Dittmar, Szymon Makuch

This series of concerts was launched in January 2019, but some concerts were held already throughout 2018.

Program of each concert presents well known works of classical music on one hand, and promotes contemporary composers and Jewish music, on the other.

In 2018 and 2019, concerts were performed by (among others): Łukasz Laxy (cello), Natalia Moszumańska (barocco violin), Anna Huszczo (harpsichord), Amelior strong quartet (Gabriela Opacka, Karolina Chlipała, Wojciech Witek, Jacek Francuz ), Julia Kotarba and Pola Benke (cellos), Sax Quartet: Aneta Baziak, Maria Gęgotek, Karolina Procner and Przemysław Cetnarowski, Viktor Yankovskyi (baritone), Airis Quartet (Aleksandra Czajor, Grażyna Zubik, Malwina Tkaczyk, Mateusz Mańka).

In the times, when Kazimierz becomes more and more a commercial and touristic destination, we are trying to save its cultural identity by (re-)introducing so called 'high culture' as an integral element of its landscape.

Classics at Noon, next to Shabbat Brunches , Workshops for Seniors and a series of publications O-KAZ. New Literature about Kazimierz – has become one of the most popular series of events in Cheder – official Jewish Culture Festival club. 

Project is supported by Małopolska Region

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