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Lista Galeria
  • Cheder Shabbat Brunch in Berlin!

    Cheder Shabbat brunch will be held this time in Berlin!

  • O_KAZ. Festival’s new literary project

    Dominika Słowik, Weronika Murek and Łukasz Orbitowski wrote stories about Kazimierz, commissioned by the Festival. .

  • The Machers cleaned former Jewish cemetery in Jędrzejów

    Festival volunteers – The Machers – cleaned the area of former Jewish cemetery in the city of Jędrzejów.

  • March of Remembrance Walked the Streets of Krakow

    On March 13th, exactly on the 70th anniversary of the Krakow ghetto liquidation our volunteers – The Machers – led the annual March of Remembrance.

  • March of Remembrance

    March of Remembrance on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Krakow ghetto liquidation, will be held on March 13th, 2016.

  • Festival Quarter awarded during International Biennale of Architecture.

    The Quarter – a heart of the 25th festival – was commissioned by the Festival and designed by Krakow company BudCud.

  • We did it again! Another anti-Semitic graffiti removed!

    As a part of the project Zmaluj to! / Paint it over! our volunteers removed another anti-Semitic graffiti – this time in Podgórze.

  • The Machers go to Israel!

    Without our priceless Machers we would not be able to organize and implement annual Jewish Culture Festival. As a reward we are sending some of them to ISrael – not only as a gratitude for their work, but also to show how much we do care about their development, to show them Israel and get even more motivated and inspired.

  • A View of a Quarter – unique exhibition during 25th festival

    Photos by Susanne Guzei-Taschner and Eugeniusz Wilczyk document a life in Kazimierz in 50s and 80s of past century. This is a unique witness of the time of changes that took place in our quarter after the war is presented in the Bosak’s house. This exhibtion brings together four dimensions of Kazimierz quarter.

  • Festival Quarter

    The main theme for the 25th anniversary edition of the festival is a Quarter. We would like to invite you to a Festival Quarter that we created especially for the festival, to be a heart of the festival. This especially designed and built right next to the Old Synagogue temporary quarter within the quarter will be full of events and activities.

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