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Lista Galeria
  • April events in Cheder

    There are 10 days more left to finish renovation in our Cheder Cafe but its program for April is ready! Come and enjoy a new look of the Cheder and enjoy our program events!

  • March in Cheder

    March events in Cheder include Shabbat celebrations, preparation for Purim but also March of Remembrance on 74th anniversary of the Krakow ghetto liquidation.

  • Purim. A Jewish Carnival.

    Purim, also called a Jewish carnival, strats on Wednesday, March 23rd in the evening. Hag Purim sameah!

  • Cheder will be closed until April 10th

    After 7 years of working for you, Cheder needs some renovation. So we close it on March 20th.

  • March of Remembrance

    March of Remembrance on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Krakow ghetto liquidation, will be held on March 13th, 2016.

  • Our festival is the best cultural event in Krakow – reads an independent survey.

    According to the recently published report, Jewish Culture Festival has been named one of the most important cultural events in our city.

  • Come to Cheder in winter!

    New Year brings new events to Cheder: architecture workshops, literary meetings and presentation by the founder of our festival. And an extraoridinary concert!

  • Happy New Year!

    We wish you the happiest year ever!

  • Have a joyous holidays!

    Peace. Love. Respect. Let them be your guests for this holiday season! And beyond!

  • Cheder. Christmas Tree. Herzl.

    This year we have a Christmnas Tree in Cheder for the first time. Theodore Herzl’s Christmas Tree. A symbol of of mutual respect and  togetherness. Just like Cheder.

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