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Lista Galeria
  • Plan your visit to the festival now!

    Book your hotel, book transfer from and to airport and buy your festival tickets with Hubeo – start up of our volunteers!

  • Zahor

    Festival is a way to go beyond the trauma. It is a tribute to all Jews, who throughout century contributed to the development of Jewish civilization.

  • Make a donation for the Festival!

    Are you a festival lover? Become a festival donor! Now donations are available on-line.

  • Festival ticket office

    Festival ticket office is already open!

  • Friends of the festival meet in Philadelphia

    Cantor Benzion Miller will be one of the guests of honor during the upcoming fundraising meeting of Friends of the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival, Inc. to be held on June 5th in Philadelphia.

  • You can now buy your tickets to festival concerts!

    Internet presale of tickets to concerts of the 26th festival started on May 5th, 2016.

  • Program of events

    Here is the preliminary version of the program of 26th Jewsih Culture Festival. Have a look!

  • 26. JCF – accreditations for journalists

    We invite journalists to the 26th Jewish Culture Festival. We give you a unique chance to personally experience modern Jewish culture and meet key persons in a world of Jewish culture! Only in Krakow! Only during the festival!

  • JCF in Israeli KZ Radio

    On Wednesday, May 4th, Israeli KZ Radio broadcasted a special show by Noa Argov about the Jewish Culture Festival.

  • Musical Diaspora @ 26th JCF

    Internet presale of tickets to the concerts will start on May 4th. Here you can read about the musical program of the upcoming festival.

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