Family Album is a story of Kazimierz and its inhabitants, as pictured on the photos from private collections of people who have lived in Kazimierz.

This project, proposed and carried out by our volunteers, aims to collect and to catalogue photographs taken by inhhabitants of Kazimierz. We would like to show our quarter as a place of everyday life, of growing up, in its daily joy and sadness, love and separation, family gatherings, walks, conversations. We would like to show the life in Kazimierz from very personal perspective; the life that has lasted for centuries in various circumstances, on many levels.

This is going to be a real story of Kazimierz told by real people, full of real memories, emotions and family atmosphere. You can help us with this by sending your photographs. Let’s show the life in Kazimierz – amazing in its everyday beauty.

More information about the project, conditions of participation and publication form you will find on project’s Tumblr:

Family album

Conditions and rules

Publication agreement / form

This project is implemented by The Machers - volunteers of the Jewish Culture Festival and is co-financed from the Fund for Civic Initiatives FIO.


Project’s partner: Museum of the History of Photography; media patron:


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