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Contact person for media on behalf of the Jewish Culture Festival Society: Robert Gądek: robert@jewishfestival.pl

Information for media

29th Jewish Culture Festival will be held between June 21st and June 30th, 2019, under the title ‘The Earth’ – one of the basic elements; creating our identity, protecting our past and shaping our future. 

The upcoming edition features 125 events in the main festival program, including:

  • 21 concerts and musical events
  • 21 lectures, discussions and debates
  • 32 workshops
  • 27 guided tours
  • 18 art events
  • 4 ceremonies

Beyond that, our partners prepared 127 accompanying events.

Right next to the High Synagogue and opposite to the Cheder cafe (festival club), we will build a huge tent, that will become a center, or a heart of the festival. It will be a venue for many festival events, including lectures, workshops, meetings, some musical events, it will be a home for Cheder and a festival chill-out zone.

In the Fetsival Tent you will participate in lectures delivered by: Yossi Klein Halevi, Prof. Jan Grabowski, Rabbi Boaz Pash, Dan Bahat, Tova Dickstein nad Janusz Makuch.

Literary Program this year will feature recognized Polish authors (Wit Szostak, Maciej Zaremba-Bielawski and Agata Maksimowska) as well as those from abroad: prof. Deborah Lipstadt and Tomer Gardi, among others.

Festival goers will participate in their favorite klezmer music workshops with Deborah Strauss and Sanne Moricke and Yiddish singing workshops with Jeff Warschauer. Mała Orkiestra Dancingowa, Abrao, and DJs from Tel-Aviv’s TEDER club will play evening concerts in the Festival tent. Be prepared for numerous unexpected events there as well!

In the musical program you will enjoy diversity of the Jewish culture. Klezmer music (Emil Kroitor, Michael Winograd) will sound next to Sephardic or Mizrahi (Raymonda Abecassis, The Piyut Ensemble); synagogue prayers (cantors: Israel Rand, Yoni Rose, Avraham Kirshenbaum) will be heard next to modern music genres (Ola Bilińska, Uzi Navon, Emmanuel Witzthum), or even DJ-parties organized together with TEDER. Sinfonietta Cracovia – the best Krakow chamber orchestra will accompany some concerts creating unexpected blends of music.

You cannot miss festival’s trademark: Shalom on Szeroka Street concert (Saturday, June 29th, 2019), or parties with Israeli hip-hop music that will be hosted in Krakow for the first time ever!

This program is another step on our journey of more than 30 years: from a Galician shtetl to Zion, from a small local event in Krakow’s movie theater to the largest interdisciplinary presentation of contemporary diversified Jewish culture; from the land of Poland to Eretz Israel.



Festival photos, posters, audio files related to the 29th Jewish Culture Festival are available under the links below. You may use them free of charge only in materials related to promotion or reporting 29th JCF, under the condition they are credited to its creators (if the name is given) and source: Materials of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow. In case of any questions, please contact Robert Gądek (e-mail above).

Visual identification of the festival was designed and produced by Studio Otwarte (otwarte.com.pl)

list of events of the 29th JCF – pdf file
29th JCF – posters
music files
29th JCF – artists’ photos
The Earth – text by Janusz Makuch
The Festival Tent – text by Janusz Makuch (Word file)
logo of the festival
photos from previous editions (Flickr)
video from previous editions – YouTube


Free accreditation are available only for active journalists and media representatives, who are sent to the festival by their companies. In other cases we charge 400 PLN per each accreditation.

Sending signed accreditation form means acceptance of the conditions (soon available under the link below).

Filled in and signed accreditation form must be sent per e-mail to: robert@jewishfestival.pl One form is dedicated to one person only. In case of TV-crews, each member must fill in a separate form.

Journalists could pick up their accreditation passes after June 19th, 2018 in the festival office.

conditions for accreditation
application form – Word
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