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'Discovering Kazimierz' was a title of a series of workshops for youth led by Agnieszka Wozowicz and Beata Miligan during 27th JCF

During two first days of workshops, participants toured Kazimierz to learn numerous legends related to Kazimierz. On the third day they did three short films presenting selected stories.

Polin - how the Jews came to Poland

Polin is a Hebrew name for Poland. But polin means also – you will rest here.

Legend was quoted for the first time by Gershom Bader. It says that the Jews, persecuted  in European countries, started to fast and pray for improvement of their fate. During the prayers a piece of paper fell down from heaven. The paper read: Go to Poland (Polin). There you will find a rest.

So they started to wander. On one of the stops the rabbbis heard the birds singing. The sound reminded them the word ‘polin’ written on the paper they received from heaven. They understood they reached the right place, where they will find a peace.


Film made by Julia Sadowska, Marysia Wydra, Piotr Curzydło.

Izaak's drem - how the Izaak Synagogue was founded

Izaak Jakubowicz, a poor Jew living in Kazimierz, living in Kazimierz, had a dream about the treasure hidden under the bridge in Prague.  He went there and discovered that the bridge was surrounded by the soldiers and he could not dig for the treasure. Talking to one of them, Izaak told about his dream. Soldiers laughed and told him his dream: about poor Izaak in Kazimierz, who was not aware that there is a big treasure hidden under his hearth at home.

Jakubowicz returned home, put down his hearth and found a treasure. A big part of it he donated to build a new synagogue in Kazimierz, named after its donor Izaak Synagogue.


Film made by Antek, Franek and Staszek.

Monstrance - foundation of Corpus Christi church in Kazimierz

Precious monstrance was stolen from Adalbert Church in Kazimierz. Thieves however lost it in a swamp surrounding Bawol village, a heart of later Kazimierz – a Jewish town. From that moment on, mysterious blue lights were seen on the swamp. Local people decided to check where the lights came from and this is how they found stolen monstrance.

King Kazimierz declared this a miracle and founded a church on the swamp, that was named Corpus Christi.


Film made by Janek, Debora and Staszek. 


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