Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow




Place: ul. Szeroka

Date of event: 07/07/2012

Beginning: 18:00

Duration: 07:00

Original language: Polish

Translation for language: English


The Shalom on Szeroka Street concert is a genuine Jewish Woodstock rooted in the traditions of Kazimierz but unafraid of heresies from New York and Tel Aviv! During the 7-hour concert on the world’s largest Jewish stage, we present Jewish music in all its variety. One of the most original groups on the Israeli musical scene, The Alaev Family, will appear this year. In cooperation with Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box), the group combines the captivating rhythms and sounds of Central Asia with Roma energy, and tradition with the contemporary. The electronic beat and the Bukhara groove will sweep Szeroka Street off its feet! Joining them on the bill are the astonishingly powerful sound and phenomenally catchy energy of the 15-strong Israeli brass band Marsh Dondurma together with guests and, during the grand finale, the Festival All Stars Orchestra under the direction of the one and only Frank London. Other stars of the Festival will be there too!



The Alaev Family: Allo (doyra, vocal, Bukharian frame drums), Amin (alofon, doyra, vocal), Alan (drum set, cachon, doyra), Zvika (Turkish clarinet, darbuka, vocal), Ariel (vocal, garmon - accordion), Amir (qanun, doyra, vocal), Aviva (violin), Avri Borochov (bass)

Marsh Dondurma: Dotan Yogev (snare drum), Idan Raveh (trumpet), Eliahu Preminger (trumpet), Maayan Milo (trombone), Luisa Salomon (trombone), Yaakov Gorensteyn (soprano saxophone), Ehud Raz (sousaphone), Oded Aloni (sabar, darbuka), Itamar Shatz (tenor saxophone), Yair Salzmann (bass drum), Noa Segal (snare drum), Anton Falko (baritone saxophone), Danniel Leibovitch (tenor saxophone), Evyatar Levy (alto saxophone), Aviran Ben Naim (trumpet)




Free admission



Thanks to the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow for their cooperation in organization of the concert.



Webcast live at www.jewishfestival.ajctv.pl and shown live in Cheder Café



Broadcasted and recorded by:



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