Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow


Concert: The Maghreb Orchestra (Israel)


Place: Tempel Synagogue • ul. Miodowa 24

Date of event: 06/07/2012

Beginning: 18:00

Duration: 02:00

Original language: Polish

Translation for language: English

The Maghreb Orchestra is a unique project, bringing together prominent Israeli musicians, whose teacher, spiritual father and artistic director is Nino Bitton, the oud virtuoso from Jerusalem and one of the indisputable authorities in the field of Judeo-Arabic music. Every Friday, during their afternoon concerts, an Israeli audience tightly fills the cult Jerusalem bar, Avram.  Also on Friday, but this time in the Tempel Synagogue in Krakow, The Maghreb Orchestra will take you on a journey to a world of the music of the enthralling ecstatic rhythms and delightfully beautiful traditional melodies of the Maghreb and Andalusia. Their music will entrance and move you with its deep truth and sincerity.




Webcast live at www.jewishfestival.ajctv.pl and shown live in Cheder Café




Moshe Sabag (skrzypce), Michael Elkabetz (oud, wokal), Noa Melamed (fortepian), Noam Bitton (darbuka), Gilad Vaknin (gitara), Ilan Kachka (instrumenty perkusyjne), Roni Sabag (instrumenty perkusyjne)

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