Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow


Concert: MuLaKuŻ - New Jewish Music Out of Poland: Maćko Korba Ensemble (Poland) - Dewejkus


Place: Tempel Synagogue • ul. Miodowa 24

Date of event: 03/07/2012

Beginning: 22:00

Duration: 02:00

Original language: Polish

Translation for language: English

Concert: MuLaKuŻ: Maćko Korba Ensemble (Poland) - Dewejkus



Maciej Cierliński (Maćko Korba) plays the hurdy gurdy, that “machine for generating sounds, noises, and images” (Pascal Lefeuvre). The history of this instrument reaches back to the 10th century, and its construction and sound have inspired philosophers, painters, visionaries, and poets from the Middle Ages to the present. The Maćko Korba Ensemble, inspired by oral histories of the Baal Shem Tov where facts blend with fantastic narratives, takes a very personal and naïve, or downright childlike, approach to Hassidic mysticism. The starting point is “prayer technology” relying on visual and aural immersion in the sign, the letter/sound, without “reading music”--which brings this exceptional event close to the concepts of the Baal Shem Tov.

Taking part are outstanding musicians, intuitionists, a sound engineer, and Cinemanual, who uses original visual technology based entirely on analog light. The project is an exclusive for the Jewish Culture Festival and will be heard only once, in the Tempel Synagogue.




Webcast live at www.jewishfestival.ajctv.pl and shown live in Cheder Café


 Maćko Korba @ MuLaKuŻ CD


Maciej Cierliński (lira korbowa), Piotr Dąbrowski (instrumenty perkusyjne: talerze, dzwonki, woda), Mieczysław Litwiński (skrzypce, altówka, harmonium, głos), Andrzej Kijanowski (realizacja dźwięku), Krzysztof Owczarek (Cinemanual)

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