Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow


Concert: MuLaKuŻ - New Jewish Music out of Poland: Alte Zachen | Jewish Surf (Poland)


Place: Tempel Synagogue • ul. Miodowa 24

Date of event: 04/07/2012

Beginning: 22:00

Duration: 02:00

Original language: Polish

Translation for language: English

Alte Zachen, the new project by Raphael Roginski—a leading musician from the avant-garde Jewish scene—is yet another crazy idea revealing previously unknown potentials for musical-cultural fusion. This time, we will hear the mixing of Hassidic nigunim with the surfer music of the 1960s.  




Webcast live at www.jewishfestival.ajctv.pl and shown live in Cheder Café


Raphael Roginski (gitara), Bartłomiej Tyciński (gitara), Macio Moretti (bas) Ola Rzepka (perkusja)

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