Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

Chag hanukkah sameach!

Hanukkah, known also as the Festival of Lights will start this Saturday evening. Hanukkah commemorates rededication of the Holy Temple by Maccabees in the second century BC. Hanukkah is not only for those, who love magic and miracles, but also for those who love... latkes!

 Every evening one more candle is lit on a special Hanukkah lamp placed on the window od each Jewish house, so on the last day there are eight candles plus one addition called shamash, from which other candles are lit.




According to the tradition, during Hanukkah one shall eat food associated with oil. Most popular are latkes, potato pances as well as doughnuts - both fried in a deep oil.....




During Hanukkah children receive money as a gift - so called Hanukkah Gelt. They also play dreidel - four-sided spinning top with four Hebrew letters on it - each of the letters tells the players what to do with the money each of them deposited in a special pot before the game. 


Added: 06/12/2012

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